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Consultation of narrow specialists
✅Neurologist, Parkinsonologist
✅Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist
✅Rehabilitologist, physical therapy coach
✅Speech therapist, Defectologist, Aphasiologist.
Our services
Complex neurosurgical operations
✅on the spine,
✅with motor disorders (Parkinson's disease, dystonia, etc.)
✅with chronic pain
✅with spasticity
✅with epilepsy, etc.
✅with Parkinson's disease,
✅other motor disorders,
✅ Alzheimer's disease,
✅for headaches
Surgical procedures
✅Ranc therapy,
✅botulinum therapy
✅refueling of baklofen pumps, etc.
About the clinic
We use proven methods of treatment, and our doctors are always ready to work professionally on your diagnosis and conduct the best treatment. The clinic introduces the latest treatment technologies and conducts scientific work by specialists. The staff has sufficient knowledge in narrow areas of medicine, has academic degrees, and can also conduct an appointment in English.
The Clinic of Modern Neurology and Neurorehabilitation "Shashkin Clinic" is a high-quality, high-tech medical care for the population in such areas of medicine as: neurology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, psychiatry, speech therapy, defectology.
The clinic provides the latest and proven methods of treatment.
Patients can receive outpatient and inpatient treatment.
Complex operations that are carried out by high-tech devices and experienced specialists have an inexpensive price compared to other countries or are paid for by government programs.
3.5 years of work
Quality medicine, time-tested
8 best specialists
The best narrow specialists who annually undergo advanced training
more than 2000+ patients per year
Our main priority is the health and quality of life of patients

Our doctors

Every year our doctors undergo additional training and advanced training
  • Shashkin Chingiz Sakaevich

    Candidate of Medical Sciences, neurologist, parkinsonologist, functional neurosurgeon

    specialist with 20 years of experience

  • Bagautdinov Daniyar Fargatovich


    specialist with 6 years of experience

  • Myrzaev Zhanibek Temirdzhanovich

    Neurologist (neuropathologist), parkinsonologist

    specialist with 7 years of experience

  • Mukhamadieva Maria Viktorovna

    Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist

    specialist with 15 years of experience

  • Aliya Muratbaykyzy

    Rehabilitologist, neurologist, physical therapy coach

    specialist with 5 years of experience

  • Shanina Anastasia Igorevna

    Speech therapist- defectologist, aphasiologist

    specialist with 5 years of experience

  • Uakkazy Gani Bazarbekuly

    Physical therapy-trainer, nurse, site manager

    Master of Medical Sciences, doctoral student 2 G.O.

  • Antokhin Igor Vladimirovich

    tai chi coach

    Aikido teacher, President of KARTA (Kazakhstan Association of Traditional Aikido), holder of 4 dan black belt

  • Raisov Sanzhar Bolatovich


    neurologist (neuropathologist), adult and pediatric epileptologist, neurophysiologist

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Motor disorders
I thank every member of the ShashkinClinic clinic for their professionalism and sincere approach to each patient. Thanks to you, I came back to life and became much better both physically and spiritually. I wish you all growth, health and prosperity! With love, your Boris!
Headache/ panic attack
I, Ishbaeva Nurgul, have been suffering from headaches and panic attacks for 8 years. Going to polyclinics did not bring tangible results. From the first days in the clinic, I was already comfortable. I can say with confidence that the doctors and all the aerobatics staff. Full trust in doctors and treatment has been established. The approach to each patient is individual, comprehensive and all according to international standards. I wish the whole team health, success and the opening of new branches in other cities!
I, Koynol Zhakypovna, am 63 years old. I have been sick for 5 years. My diagnosis is cerebellar ataxia. I am currently being treated at ShashkinClinic. I would like to express my gratitude to the specialists of this place. I received very good treatment. I feel better now.
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8(701) 550 50 26
Almaty, Bukhar-Zhyrau Boulevard, 45/1, Baizakov Street intersection
( inside the ''Keruen medicus'' building )
mon-fri — 8:00-17:00
Sat-Sun - weekends

Facebook: chingiz.shashkin
Youtube: Chingiz Shashkin
Instagram: shashkin_clinic, doctorshashkin
TikTok: shashkin_clinic
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