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Effective rehabilitation
in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Thousands of satisfied patients
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All kinds of proven methods of neurorehabilitation.
Leading specialists in Kazakhstan with foreign education. A unique author's rehabilitation course, which brought together the world's techniques to restore lost functions and stop the progression of the disease.
Diseases and conditions for which rehabilitation is carried out
The rehabilitation complex takes place over 10 days
Specialists involved in rehabilitation:
Neurologist / parkinsonologist (consultation and management during rehabilitation, + discharge)
Physiotherapy (4 times as prescribed)
Speech therapist
Exercise therapy instructor
Argentine Tango Coach
Tai Chi trainer (3 times a week)
Every day there are classes with each specialist in advanced techniques.
Rehabilitation table

Monday: 08:00 - 13:00
Tuesday: 09:00 - 13:30
Wednesday: 08:00 - 13:00
Thursday: 09:00 - 13:30
Friday: 08:00 - 13:00
Saturday: day off
Sunday is a day off
Daily Plan
- morning exercises 1 hour (cerebral motor skills, exercises for joints)
- speech therapist 25 min
- psychotherapist 25 min
- parkinsonologist (by invitation)
- physiotherapy exercises - the rest of the time (bicycle, running machine, ellipse, stretching machine, boxing, exercises - kicks, hands, for dexterity, balance, coordination, etc.)
- physiotherapy 10-30 min as directed
- group training 30 min - 1 h (tai chi, logarithm or Nordic walking)

Rehabilitation is appointed after consultation with a doctor

Rehabilitation takes place on an outpatient basis. without hospitalization
Thanks to the approach of different specialists, each patient sees an improvement! We brainstorm the most complex case histories of our patients.

What is rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation or restorative treatment is a complex of medical, pedagogical, psychological and other types of measures aimed at the maximum possible restoration or compensation of impaired or completely lost, as a result of illness or injury, normal mental and physiological functions (needs) of the human body, its ability to work.

Unlike treatment, rehabilitation is carried out during the absence of the acute phase of the pathological process in the body.

Types of rehabilitation

There are 2 concepts - rehabilitation and habilitation. Rehabilitation is a measure to restore a person's ability to self-service and social life, and habilitation is the process of forming new abilities and habits that were absent before. Habilitation is mainly carried out for children with congenital diseases or diseases that arose in infancy, when motor skills have not yet been formed.

Types of rehabilitation:

1. Medical rehabilitation

2. Physical rehabilitation

3. Psychological rehabilitation

4. Social (domestic) rehabilitation

5. Labor (professional) rehabilitation

Why is rehabilitation needed?

1. Full restoration of the functionality of various body systems;

2. Development of compensatory adaptations to the conditions of everyday life and work;

3. Restoration of household opportunities;

4. Prevention of the development of pathological processes, complications, i.e. secondary prevention.
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mon-fri — 8:00-17:00
Sat-Sun - weekends

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