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Our mission

To provide people with affordable high-quality medical care based on modern achievements in world medicine, thereby helping them improve their health and quality of life. For this, professionalism, responsibility, continuous development, innovation and the provision of high-quality service have become our values. Our main asset is our employees. We train them and create comfortable working conditions for their full self-realization.

Our motto: Perfection - every day!


A reliable system for providing affordable comprehensive professional diagnostic and treatment services in the field of neurology, rehabilitation and neurosurgery.

The main principle of work is patient orientation, when all the activities of the staff are aimed at the needs of the patient.

Employees - doctors, nurses, managers - are high-class professionals who are motivated for excellent and high-quality results of their activities. For quality work, all employees receive decent pay.

The main element in building quality medical care is professionalism. Employees achieve this by constantly improving their skills through continuous professional development in foreign clinics, self-education, participation in scientific and educational projects, they speak English.

The administration and employees fully support the introduction of innovations and stimulate their development. All employees are clearly aware of their mission and strive to fulfill it as best as possible.

Basic principles of work:

• evidence-based medicine - the use of only proven and effective methods of treating patients (verification with the FDA catalog, the European Medicines Agency (EMEA),
• multidisciplinary approach – creation of multidisciplinary teams, collegial decision-making, Second opinion service,
• modern efficient technologies,
•continuous professional training of medical personnel (only in foreign clinics),
•competent management (corporate management),
•respect for professionalism (principle of the Excellence of Professionalism),
•patient-oriented approach in the provision of medical services.
Our advantages
  • An experience
    We have been solving the problems of movement disorders for 6 years - we are engaged in diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Qualified specialists
    Our specialists have been trained and regularly improve their skills in clinics in Malaysia, England, the USA and Canada.
  • Result
    The condition of our patients is steadily improving by 30-50% already at the first stage of treatment
  • Quality
    During our work, we have performed more than 200 successful operations, and in general, we have already treated about 2,000 patients.
  • A responsibility
    We are as responsible as possible - we make high-precision diagnoses and prescribe a truly effective treatment
The numbers speak for us
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8(701) 550 50 26
Almaty, Bukhar-Zhyrau Boulevard, 45/1, Baizakov Street intersection
( inside the ''Keruen medicus'' building )
mon-fri — 8:00-17:00
Sat-Sun - weekends

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